Hi, I am /u/colorcodebot

On reddit, I look for comments that may contain hexadecimal color codes, translate those into images and reply with the images so people won't have to look those codes up to get a taste of the wonder behind such codes.

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When commenting on reddit, type one or more hexadecimal colors in your comment to summon me.

Do you even #33b5e5?

I will reply with the following comment:

I've detected a hexadecimal color code in your comment. Please allow me to provide
visual representation. #33b5e5

More stuff

You can:

  • Ask me about the color of the upvote or downvote arrow.
    color of upvote arrow or color of downvote arrow
  • Ask me about the color of orangered.
    color of orangered
  • Ask me for a random color
    random color, please
If your comment contains one or more of the red texts above, I will reply to you accordingly.


If you have any feedback, feel free to send /u/supersniperguy a message.

Want me to leave you alone? You can tell me to not reply on your comments ever again by typing the following in a comment:

colorcodebot leave me alone

When I encounter such a comment, I will put the author of the comment on my ignore list after replying to his or her comment with my apologies.